Money-wise in Poland….

Please note that Poland is not a member of the Euro currency system and that Poland’s currency złoty (pln). All major foreign currencies may be exchanged for Polish money at a bank or exchange counter (identified by the name kantor). Over the counter exchange is available at larger hotels (usually open from 9 am to 4 pm on weekdays) or kantors – from 9 am to 7 pm. Over the counter exchange is also available at the  airport, however, it is wise to change only the smallest necessary amount as the exchange rate is usually not the best there.

Poland has a dense network of ATM’s (called bankomat), which are connected to all international networks. There is over a thousand ATMs located in Poznan alone. Please, consult your bank or card issuer about the charges incurred while using your card abroad.

Time – GMT +1

Weather and climate

The climate of Poznań is within the transition zone between a humid continental and oceanic climate.

The month of May is characterized by rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 17°C to 21°C over the course of the month, exceeding 27°C or dropping below 10°C only one day in ten. On May 16, a representative day, the sky is clear or mostly clear 31% of the time, partly cloudy 23% of the time, and mostly cloudy or overcast 32% of the time.

Official city information portal:

Wikipedia about Poznan:ń

A map (UMP – free interactive map of Poland and more, updated by users)

Another site for Poznan visitors (at In Your Pocket portal)



Poznań City Card

Discover Poznań with the Poznań City Card!

This is the best and least expensive way to get to know our city and the adjacent area. The Poznań City Card comes in three versions: one-, two- and three-day with the options: normal and discounted with transportation or without.

Holders of the Poznań City Card are entitled, among other things, to:

– free use of public transportation,
– free admission to most of Poznań’s museums,
– discounted admission to sports and recreational facilities,
– discounted admission to the Palm House and the Zoo,
– discounts at hotels and restaurants.

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Wifi / Internet Cafes

Internet can be accessed freely in the City Centre as well as in most hotels and in some shopping centres (such as the Poznan Plaza, Stary Browar) and in several cafés and restaurants, including McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Starbucks, Green Café Nero, and Costa Coffe.

Also, wi-fi internet can be used near the info-box (at the airport, next to: City Information Center at Ratajczaka str., Imperial Castle at St.Martin str., exit to International Fair, Old Brewery at Polwiejska str.)

Internet cafés (Polish: kawiarenka internetowa) are rare in Poznan.


The area code for Poznan is 61, and it must be dialled even when making local calls. When calling internationally to Poznan, dial the country code, +48, followed by the rest of the number. There is no necessity to use „0” at the beginning of the telephone number. When dialing from a mobile phone, you must dial any number as if it was an international number.

Pay phones are very rare and it is therefore best to rely on other means of communication. Pay phones are only operable using calling cards that can be bought at post offices.

Pre-paid SIM cards with Polish phone numbers cost as little as 5zł and can be purchased from just about any major carrier. Many kiosks sell them. As of August 18, 2016 all pre-paid cards need to be registered before using them – have an ID or passport ready.


The voltage in Poland is EU standard of 220 V, 50 Hz with two-pins-and-a-hole plugs. Please ensure that you have the proper adapters for your appliances.

An universal CEE 7/7 plug (French/german) will fit all sockets in Poland….

CEE 7-7


… except special narrow lighting sockets, where only a Europlug or phone charger will fit.
Euro-Flachstecker 2