Dear Authors,
You are welcome to prepare papers for MIKON and for URSI Symposium according to the following guidelines.

Review paper

Your paper should be uploaded to the paper submission site for review by the TPC not later than 23:59 CET on 14th January 2018.
The submission site will open by November 2017.

We recommend all authors to use the standard IEEE conference proceedings A4 format template ( for review papers, as the same format is MANDATORY for the final paper.

This time we introduce two paper categories:

  • a full paper (3-4 pages in IEEE conference proceedings A4 format ),
  • a short paper (1-2 pages in IEEE conference proceedings A4 format).

When submitting, please indicate which category of paper (full/short)  you target.

The choice of conference (MIKON or URSI) will be done by using a different submission link.

Final paper

Upon acceptance of the review version of your paper, you will be asked to submit a final version, where you have a chance to take into account reviewers’ comments. Your final paper version should be uploaded to the paper management system before the deadline announced in the “important dates” section.

The use of the publication template is mandatory for acceptance of your publication into IEEE Xplore. Before submitting the final paper, please make sure that:

  • you have chosen the correct files and settings for an A4 page size and conference paper.
  • the pdf file is IEEE Xplore-compatible and has been checked with IEEE PDF eXpress service.

MIKON/URSI formatting requirements:

Please follow strictly the templates from

The correct format for the Paper Title is non-bold, non-italic and uses the „paper title” style in MS Word. Please check this before you attempt to upload the paper.

IEEEXplore compatibility

Your final paper should be IEEEXplore compatible, which includes:

1. Being PDF 1.4 (Acrobat 5) or later but not Acrobat 9.

2. Being created with a PDF distiller (converted by PDF eXpress  or created with pdflatex and checked by PDF eXpress) and not scanned.

3. All fonts must be embedded or subsetted.

4. No password or other security settings.

5. No bookmarks or links.

6. No PDF attachments.

The full acceptance of the final paper is subject to following conditions:

AT LEAST ONE AUTHOR must register and pay the conference fee until 16th April 2018.

A Copyright Form for the paper must be completed together with final paper submission.

It is IEEE policy to include papers in IEEE Xplore only when the authors have attended the conference and presented their work.